The no-excuses way to win in a digital world.

Digital IQ: How to make your aspirations a reality.

Doing digital right doesn’t mean you need to become the next Amazon, Netflix or Google— or even the next Pitney-Bowes, whose shift to digital has reinvented the company. But it does mean you may need to change your ways to maximize the potential to drive business. You may think there are obstacles. But it’s not money. It’s not lack of time. It’s not lack of resources. It’s you. It’s your mindset about digital strategy. It’s time to fill the gaps—and make those aspirations a reality. Let go of your fears and let’s get started.

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You might be a digital poser. Time to face it.

Companies say they’re digital, but many aren’t investing and behaving digitally. Time to face reality. Stop pretending and start changing.

Disruption surrounds you. Time to take control.

Only 31% of companies say digital disruption is a threat to their business. They’re wrong. But it’s not too late.

Help wanted: Real digital leaders.

Your team has more digital know-how than you do. That’s a problem. You need more knowledge and new ways of managing to succeed.

You’ve got a skills gap. Not the one you think.

There’s a disconnect between the skills and technologies that companies say matter most and what they’re investing in. More than half don’t even have a structure for delivering training.

What does your company aspire to do?

Click on an aspiration to see how each group is managing digital experience, disruption, leadership and workforce--and the financial impact of those decisions.